Benefits of Exercising During Pregnancy

There are a lot of myth that as soon as a woman finds out that she is pregnant, she should take a complete bed rest, though this could be a case with few of the ladies who have high-risk pregnancies, but for most of the women who are pregnant must regularly exercise as advised by your gynecologist for long-term benefits, both for the baby as well as the mother.

    1. Exercising regularly will keep your weight in control, as most of the women due to extra diet consumption, as they think they are eating for two, result in weight gain.
    2. It is seen that women those exercise regularly, may experience less pain and might require no pain medication during labour, though this cannot be guaranteed, we all know that exercising can help in improving stamina, that can be a plus point during the pushing stage during labour.
    3. When you are pregnant you at high risk of type 2 diabetes, the reason being your high blood sugar. You can prevent this condition by exercising regularly.
    4. During the second half of pregnancy, when your baby bump start showing up, exercising can give you relief from a backache, that most of the women complain about during this phase.
    5. Most of the pregnant women complain about constipation, this happens due to increased progesterone levels and a growing uterus; this can be tackled if you opt for a high fibre diet with exercise, your digestive system will be fine.
    6. Exercising during pregnancy helps you in delivering a healthy baby with less fat. Opposite to those women who deliver babies with an excess amount of fat in their body are more prone to become overweight in the later phase of their life.
    7. Women, who are exercising regularly during their pregnancy, are more likely to have normal deliveries, other than those who need to opt for a C-section.
    8. Women exercising during pregnancy may have a shorter labour time period than those who don’t exercise.
    9. Exercising can give you relief from swelled legs as exercising will help you in retaining more fluid and an improved blood flow.
    10. You can reduce the symptoms of morning sickness, as exercising can help you from diverting your mind.
    11. Women who are active throughout their pregnancy are more likely to recover more quickly and are seen to emerge up better with new motherhood demands after pregnancy, rather than those women who were inactive throughout their pregnancy.
    12. Women who exercise during pregnancy, their babies have a much healthier heart than those women who were inactive during pregnancy.
    13. Chances of pre-mature delivery reduce, as it involves high blood pressure and excess protein in the urine, this can be controlled through regular exercise.
    14. Regular exercise improves the flow of blood to your skin, enhancing your face glow.
    15. Mom-to-be who exercise during pregnancy may have kids who are much smarter with high intelligence level, sharp memories and good learning abilities.
    16. Exercising will help you in improving your immune system, which means that you are less likely to catch cold.

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