Skin Care Tips for Women with PCOS Acne

Having a bad skin is something very common, seen in women suffering from PCOS, the reason for PCOS acne includes:

  1. Increased sebum production that results in blocked skin pores causing white or blackheads
  2. High blood sugar level as insulin produced by the body is not used properly, reason being ovaries produce access amount of androgens, resulting in the high production of sebum
  3. Bacterial infection
  4. Chronic inflammation
  5. Stress

Though there are natural remedies that can help you in improving your skin condition and getting rid of PCOS acne.


Skin care tips for PCOS Acne

  1. Eat healthy: Eat a diet that includes nuts, seeds, leafy green vegetables and Omega 3 fatty acid. Remove processed food from your diet. This will help your body in improving the hormonal imbalance and inflammation resulting in a healthier skin
  2. Food to avoid: Food that includes a high level of sugar and salt should be avoided, as consuming them on a regular basis can result in weight gain further, which is not good if you are diagnosed with PCOS.
  3. Use Moisturizer:  if you have PCOS and you have oily skin that doesn’t mean that you don’t have the need to moisturize your skin, moisturizing your skin on regular basis will keep your skin hydrated and reduce the chances of developing ache due to hormonal imbalance, in addition to this drink good amount of water.
  4. Face wash: we have talked to patients and one of their major concerns was that they are not getting rid of their skin acne, even after washing their face on a regular basis and making sure that the pores of the skin are clean to omit any access oil that may result in acne. If you are doing the same please stop immediately, as washing your face more than needed may make your face skin go dry, as the natural oil produced by your skin to protect your skin is removed. Only wash your face before you go to bed.
  5. Exercise: Routine exercise helps you in maintaining your body hormonal balance, but exercising too much can lead to other problems, it would be best to consult an expert before you start following a workout routine. Best suggested moderate level exercises are morning walk, yoga and bike riding.
  6. Include Supplements: though you are following a healthy diet, that doesn’t mean that you will get all the required nourishment from your diet to keep your skin healthy. For providing proper nourishment to your skin please add Biotin, vitamin E and vitamin C.


The above tips are general and might help you to tackle PCOS acne up to a certain level, best would be to consult a PCOS specialist to discuss your issues and act as per the doctor advice; you can also book an appointment with Mumbai PCOS clinic.  Dr Shilpa Bansal is considered as one of the most experienced female gynecologists in Mumbai. Call us today! +91 93200 48601

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