Some Early Signs of Pregnancy

We came across a lot of patients who got pregnant after our PCOS treatment and were very anxious during early weeks before implantation, as the symptoms of implantation are almost the same as before the start of a menstruation cycle, but what need to be considered is that every woman is different and so are their pregnancy symptoms, some might feel very strong early pregnancy symptoms and some might not feel anything, though we have created a list of symptoms that you can observe even before the pregnancy test.

Early symptoms of pregnancy

Morning Sickness: Though it’s not necessary that every woman may experience it, but most of the women either have a rise in body temperature, may experience vomiting or a feel that they are very unwell.

Implantation bleeding: After 25 days from your last menstruation cycle you might feel implantation bleeding that might look brown or dark black in colour, the cramps you will experience are, same as before the start of your menstruation cycle, but the cramps will stop after a few days.

Discharge from vagina: A thick milky discharge during the first week of their pregnancy, in a few women, it is experienced that the discharge occurred through their pregnancy

Fatigue: Even small tasks might feel tough to you during the first week of pregnancy.

Breast: Women experience a lot of changes with their breast during their first week of pregnancy, due to hormonal changes, though it is not necessary that every woman feel the same. Few women may experience sourness, tenderness or increased breast sensation.

Sleeping pattern: Some women experience a change in there sleeping pattern, at times you might not feel sleepy at all while on other days you will feel sleepy throughout the day.

Constipation and loose motion: Change in body hormone level might experience constipation or loose motion during the early stage of pregnancy.

Smell Sensitivity: Some women complain that they actually started hating smell of certain things and feel like they will vomit like the smell of milk or it could be anything.

A headache: Change in hormone level may also trigger a headache in the early weeks of pregnancy though headache with some women may stay throughout the pregnancy.

Urination: Women might experience frequent urination from 6 to 8 week. If you feel a burning sensation while urinating, please visit your gynecologist soon, as it could be a urinary infection.

Pain: Though most of the women experience the lower back pain in the later months of pregnancy, few women might experience it, at the beginning of the pregnancy and some might experience the lower back pain throughout the pregnancy

Mood Swings: Due to the change of hormone level in the body women experience mood swings, like at one time you might feel very happy and at the very same time you might feel like crying, stress could also be a factor.

Food carvings: During early pregnancy, you might have a feel to eat something that you might love to eat, food carving may stay with few women throughout the pregnancy.

These are the very early signs of pregnancy, though if you feel anything that is not normal such as too much bleeding, access of bloating, high fever, burning sensation during urination, access of body pain, the best would be to consult your gynecologist, to check if everything is ok with you.

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