Things to consider before an abortion

Late periods can have a number of reasons, but the most common reason for late periods is, that you might be pregnant, so if you had intercourse or were sexually active with your Husband, boyfriend or anyone during your fertile days (usually 11th to 17th day after periods, it is when you ovulate), it’s time you should take a pregnancy test.

You can conduct it with the pregnancy test kits available in the market, if the test indicates you are pregnant, you can have mix feelings, joyful, emotional, at the very same time you might be scared or it can be anything, but before you consult a Gynecologist in Mumbai regarding an abortion, in case you don’t need this child, please read the points below before making such a big decision, as abortion can have a lifelong impact on your mental and physical health.

Confirm your pregnancy: Normal periods cycle repeats after 28 to 30 days, but at times your periods can delay due to reasons such as depression, menopause, infection, but pregnancy is the most common reason for late pregnancy, you can check whether you are pregnant or not on the very next day of your expected dates through pregnancy test kit, but to be sure about your pregnancy we would recommend an HCG Blood test (human chorionic gonadotropin).

Accept you pregnancy: whether your pregnancy was planned or unplanned, the fact is that you are pregnant now and you need to accept the reality.

Make a decision: If you want to make a decision, you need to make it right now, as the longer time you take the harder it will be for you to make the decision with additional medical complications as after 10 weeks you can have life-threatening complications if you think of aborting the child. So talk to your family members, friends, your gynecologist or anyone else, discuss with them as of why or why not you want to abort the child.

Abortion type: So, if you had made up you mid to abort the child, you have two options available, first is through medication and the second one is through surgery. Your gynecologist will suggest you what procedure to opt for as per your fetus age. If your fetus age is less than 6 Weeks your doctor will suggest abortion through medication, but in case your fetus age is more than 7 weeks your gynecologist will suggest surgical abortion.

Side effects: After the abortion, different women may face different physical side effects, but for two to four week there are certain common side effects that you might experience such as abdominal pain, cramping, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, spotting and bleeding. Mental side effects too can wary as for some women who never wanted the child at the first may not feel any mental stress, but for women who for some reason aborted the child and wanted to have a child, for them it will be hard to cope-up with the feeling of loss.

Is abortion safe? Yes, abortion is a completely safe process, if you are quick in your decision-making process of whether to keep or abort the child within 7 Weeks from the day of your last period.

Future Pregnancy: yes you can get pregnant in future and there are no such side effects after abortion, but in case if you develop a womb infection, it needs to be treated as quickly as possible, you gynecologist in her follow-ups after abortion will let you know about any such condition and take possible measures.

Read these points again and again before you make a decision for aborting, and if you think it’s hard for you to decide you can fix an appointment with Mumbai PCOS clinic right Now! And our specialist Gynecologist in Mumbai, Andheri West – Dr Shilpa Bansal, will consult you and answer you all your doubts and queries regarding Abortion. Call us Right Now! 09320048601

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